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The Life of Jesus

The purpose of this page is to document the life of Jesus.

Pre-existence of Jesus

Cultic theories

Christian Position 

Human Ancestry

Virginal Conception of Jesus

  • Role of the Holy Spirit
  • Role of Mary (Theotokos)
  • Mother of God?
  • Ever-virgin?
  • Role of Joseph/paternity claims
  • Roles of other relatives/John the Baptist
  • Jewish claims
  • Historical Records of the Life of Jesus
  • Gospels 3 + 1
  • Comparable historical people contemporary records
  • Josephus
  • Tacitus
  • Early Church Writers

Birth of Jesus

  • Dating the Birth of Jesus
  • Christmas and Dec 25th
  • Naming of Jesus
  • Humble beginnings
  • Betrothal v. marriage
  • Visitors
  • Wise Men
  • Shepherds
  • Little Drummer Boy? Other cultural urban legends
  • Death of the Sons/Herod
  • About Bethlehem
  • Circumcision
  • Resources: Raymond E. Brown, "The Birth of the Messiah"
  • Protoevangelium of James

Youth of Jesus

  • Flight to Egypt (Moses parallels)
  • Life in Nazareth
  • Visit to Jerusalem at 12 – self-perception
  • Pre-ministry
  • Did Jesus visit Britain, India, North America?
  • Was Jesus Married?
  • Temptation by Satan
  • Wedding at Canaan
  • Way paving ministry of John the Baptist
  • Half-Brothers and Half-sisters of Jesus (Perpetual Virginity of Mary?)

Calling of Jesus

  • Age at calling about 30 years
  • Adoptionism rejected
  • Baptism of Jesus
  • Role of John the Baptist
  • Role of God the Father
  • Names/Titles of Jesus during His lifetime

Ministry of Jesus

  • Geography of Israel and the life of Jesus
    • Roman Rulership worldwide
    • Hostile territories
    • Friendly territories
    • Status of Galileans
  • Parties at the time
    • Saducees
    • Pharisees
    • Levites
    • Scribes
    • Lawyers
    • Romans
    • Other Gentiles
    • Others
    • Christians as a new party?
  • The Apostles
    • Callings of the Apostle's Relatives, prior relationships?
    • Previous vocations of ApostlesFishermen, tax collectors, publicans
    • Seventy others also
    • [On the job training]
    • Commissioning
    • Paul - a special case
    • The harvest metaphor
    • We could not heal this one
    • Down to twelve then zero at the end
    • Cost of discipleship
    • Role of women
  • Three Year Chart
  • Jesus as Wisdom, Servant, Prophet, Priest and King
  • Ministry to Women
  • Ministry to Children
  • Ministry to Gentiles
    • Faith of Gentiles
    • Healing of Gentiles
    • Preaching to Gentiles
    • OT relationship to Gentiles
  • Overlapping Ministry of John the Baptist
  • Claims of Jesus about Himself
    • Testimony of God the Father and The Holy Spirit
    • Testimonies of other people
  • Teachings of Jesus
    • Worldview of Jesus
    • Authoritative teaching style
    • Claims of Jesus about God
    • Claims of Jesus about others
    • Public/private distinction
    • Themes of teachings
    • Forgiveness
    • Brotherhood of man 
    • Marriage/divorce
    • Church Discipline
    • Parables of Jesus
    • Purpose of using parables
    • Categories of parables
    • Hard Words of Jesus
    • Christianity as the New Law
    • Moses / Jesus parallels in ministry
    • Questions by scribes, Pharisees, and Saducees
    • Relationship of Jesus to OT Law
      • Corn eating by Apostles
      • Healings on the Sabbath
      • The ten commandments affirmed or repealed?
    • Teachings of Jesus on the Holy Spirit
    • Important textual variant
      • Ending of Mark
      • Woman caught in adultery – John 8
    • Preaching of Jesus
    • Casting out of demons
    • Forgiveness of sins
    • Misc Miracles
      • Curse of the tree
      • Stilling the wind
      • Feeding of 4000 or 5000?
      • Walking on the water
    • Relationship of Jesus and the Temple
      • Cleansing of the temple
      • Temple as His Body, His Body as Temple
      • Temple taxes and Jesus
    • Spiritual Disciplines of Jesus
      • Prayer life
      • Fasting
      • Money for the poor
    • Transfiguration
    • Lord’s Supper and Baptism ordinances to church  (Picture)
    • Reactions of other people
      • Family members

Death of Jesus

  • Triumphal Entry
  • Lord’s Supper commemorative event?
  • Plots to kill Jesus
  • Previous attempts to kill Jesus
  • His own death was forseen by Jesus – response of Apostles
  • Betrayal
    • Pre-ordained
  • Arrest
  • Denial by closest friends


  • Trials
    • The prosecution’s case
    • His defense
    • False witnesses
    • Barabbas and substitutionary death
  • Road to the cross
  • At the cross

Two thieves

    • Soldiers, standersby, relatives
    • Mary, Mary, Mary?
    • Giving of His mother to John
    • Last Words

My God, My God, Why have you forsaken Me

The Passover and the Lamb of God

  • Resource: AT Robertson, "Harmony of the Gospels"

Resurrection of Jesus

Descended into Hell v. "today you will be with Me in Paradise"

  • Appearances of Jesus

Reconciling the disparate Gospel accounts of the resurrection

Parallel Accounts of the resurrection Gospel in a nutshell - Paul's independent testimony recorded

Nature of the resurrection body of Jesus (Luke 24:39)

  • Don’t touch me

Relationship to resurrection of believers

Exposition of 1 Cor 15

  • Resources: John Wenham, "The Easter Enigma". Norman Geisler, "In Defense of the Resurrection".

Present Day Ministry of Jesus

  • Warnings about the present age from Jesus
    • Persecution
    • Divisions
    • False teachers
    • False prophets

Ascension of Jesus

  • Right Hand of God
  • Clouds of Heaven
  • Ancient of Days

Predictions about future by Jesus

  • Genre of apocalyptic materials
  • Destruction of Temple/Destruction of Jerusalem
  • How early Christians understood this subject
  • Problem passages
    • "This generation"
  • The Great Tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble
  • Second Coming
    • Rapture theories
  • Millennial theories