Jehovah's Witnesses on the Pre-existence of Jesus

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Primary Source Materials

  • The foremost angel, both in power and authority, is the archangel, Jesus Christ, also called Michael. (1Thessalonians 4:16; Jude 9) Under his authority are seraphs, cherubs, and angels. From "The Truth about Angels" at . Please note this site is not recommended since it teaches unsound doctrine, but is included so that it can easily be seen that this is the teaching of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society on their official site.
  • Michael the great prince is none other than Jesus Christ himself. W.T 12/15/1984 page, 29 Reasoning, p.218. Aid p.1152.

Secondary Sources

  • Before His earthly life, Christ was a spirit creature, Michael the archangel, who was created by God and became the Messiah at His baptism. According to the well-known Jehovah's Witness publication Let God Be True (p. 33), Jesus is "a mighty one, although not almighty as Jehovah God is." According to John 1:1 in your Bible, The New World Translation, Christ is "a god" but not "the God." In other words, you teach that Jesus "was and is and always will be beneath Jehovah" and that "Christ and God are not coequal" (The Watchtower, 15 April 1957). Link
  • Col 1:16, in talking about Jesus, says that"... All [other] things have been created through him and FOR HIM". If Jesus were Michael the Archangel at the time of creation, would an angel have created all things for himself? Isa 43:7 says God created "everyone ... for my OWN glory ..." Link

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